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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 26, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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cool averages. we will have breezy winds today. i'll have a look at the seven-day outlook and tell you if we are going to see any rain coming our way for the last week of january. that's coming up. katie. >> all right, lisa. thank you. an oakland police officer is recovering this morning after being shot in the leg. he is the second officer wounded in the line of duty this week. last night's shooting appeared in the fruitvale district. on monday an undercover officer was shot the arm about a mile away. abc7 news reporter allen wong reports. >> reporter: place say this camaro ran a stop sign and got broadsided by this chevy impala at east 12th street and 37th -- 47th avenue. witnesses say the driver of the camaro didn't have any id and he was behaving erratically. they said he tried and failed to open the door of a passing car and then left the scene on foot. during the course of that investigation the officer heard several gunshots several blocks away. the police chief howard jordan tells us two officers left the crash scene and headed toward
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the gunshots. they were confronted by a gunman who shot one officer in the leg and then ran away. the police caught up with him two blocks away. >> at that time one officer fired his weapon at the suspect. they did not hit him. the suspect immediately surrendered, dropped the gun and was taken into custody. >> a witness said the initial gunfire happened when a man matching the description of the hit-and-run driver shot at him after he refused to let the man take his bike. >> to have the audacity to to shoot at an officer tells you the level of violence we are dealing with. we will do everything in our power to put an end to this. >> the police chief said he's determined to end the wave of violence by sending a clear message. he plans on working with the d. a. to make sure these criminals get the maximum sentence possibility. allen wong, abc7 news. >> law enforcement on the peninsula is work to go get guns
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off the streets. today if you are willing to give yours up, they will pay you for it. kira klapper is live in san mateo. kira, how will it work today? >> katie, this will be a drive-through anonymous gun buy back at the center. the sheriff's office is offering up to $100 forehand guns, shotguns or rivals and up to $200 in cash for an assault weapon. anyone can surrender a weapon, no questions asked. that's the anonymous part. all firearms must be unloaded and stored in the trunk of your car. all magazines and ammunition have to be stored straightly outside of the trunk so in the back seat. similar buy backs are happening across the country today. vice president joe biden has been in west virginia to determine how to keep mentally ill and criminals from buying gun. they could allow states to access a national data base. >> a gun dealer or you go to
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dick's sporting goods to buy a kep weapon, you essentially swipe your card or they swipe it for you and find out if you are part of the prohibited class of people. >> vice president biden is taking the the gun control polin the road to get agreements from states where guns and hunting are popular. mean why back in the bay area the gun buy back is happening from ten this morning to two this afternoon at the event center at saratoga drive and delaware avenue. reporting live, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> kira, thank you. the marin county district attorney's office announced it will make good on the gun buy back vouchers that were happened out earlier this month. that event overwhelmed officials. $43,000 in donations went quickly. so $67,000 worth of vouchers were handed out. the voucher redemption will take place february 15th at the
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marin center in san rafael from eleven to. >> this morning fairfield fire investigators will begin trying to determine how a popular comedy club went up in flames last night. sky 7hd was overhead as up to 100 firefighters battled the flames which broke out around 7:00. there were a few employees and customers inside at the time, but police managed to get everyone out quickly. the heavy smoke inside the building forced firefighters to call for help from throughout solano county. by 11:00 the fire was knocked down. one truck company did stay on scene overnight to make sure there were no flareups. >> we have nothing as far as anything being suspicious about how the fire started. it is a protocol because it is a five-alarm fire. >> no injuries were reported and no other buildings were damaged by the fire. >> palo alto police are investigating a deadly accident in a killed a woman thought to be in her 70s last night. sky 7hd was over the scene
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shortly of the woman was hit by a car on embarcadero road. she died at the hospital. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. a fired varsity football coach at a vallejo high school said he took the fall for players hazing each other. five students were also expelled. a former coach said he overheard students saying the junior varsity coach allowed varsity players to haze them. he said the students described lewd acts. some of the upper class mats inflicted on the underclass man. he said he first contacted child protective services about the allegations and then he wrote a memo to the principal. as a former new york state police officer, he also helped -- offered to help with the investigation. that's why he was surprised he was fired yesterday. >> they are absolutely forbidden to engage in hazing and bullying acts of all kinds. it was a cut-and-dried situation when that happened. >> as varsity head coach i'm being held accountable for the action of the varsity players
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against the jv kids, but no one is holding accountable the jv coach for protecting the jv kids for protecting the jv kids from this happening. >> a school spokesman said principal mary ellen ryan dismissed him because he was responsible for supervising the students at the time the hazing took place. six students were interviewed as victims and their parents were notified. police were also notified, but no arrests were made. >> developing news. doctors are treat ago blood hot they say could have killed brian stow. stow is the giants fan who suffered severe brain damage after he was beaten at the stadium two years ago. he is receiving injections to dissolve the clot at his pelvis. doctors are surprised the clot wasn't fatal because of its size and severity. the fund raisers continue for stow. one is tonight and tomorrow in santa cruz at 7.
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giants coach jim flannery's band is donating proceeds from the show to stow and his family. san francisco's district attorney has announced 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree will not face sexual assault charges. the accusations against crabtree stemmed from an encounter with a woman at a hotel nearly two weeks ago after the team's win over green bay. the d. a. determined there was not enough evidence to prosecute. the 49ers issued a statement saying michael and the team can now put this behind us and move forward. coming up next, taking revenge on so-called revenge porn websites. the lawsuit against the x-rated site that puts up photos of women without their permission and why those lawsuits face an uphill battle. but meet the fan who has been to every
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>> legal experts say a lawsuit filed by women against a website showing explicit pictures of them is doomed to fail. the website is with triple xs.
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it is hosted by go and it's known as a revenge website where men post nude pictures of their exs. congress passed a law years ago saying the only people liable for online content are the people who post it. a law professor believes the site will fail anyway on its own. >> we've seen a number of websites that have tried to gather and disseminate distasteful content. those websites tend to flame out really quickly. the marketplace tends to drive them out of business after they make an initial splash. professor goldman recommends not sharing nude pictures of yourself because you have no control over where they will end up. >> today the last of the 49er season ticket holders who lucked out in a special lottery will pick their tickets. ticket pickup began yesterday. >> i'm pumped! i'm doing the dance, yeah!
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i got my ticks. , i love that guy. he also told us he has no idea how he will get to new orleans for the game. yesterday season ticket holders arrived at the park not knowing how much they would even have to pay for their tickets or where they would sit inside the superdome. >> all my friends are telling me i've got to go, i've got to go, it's a once in the lifetime opportunity. screw it. i'm going. i don't care about the money. i'm a niner fan, i'm going. >> and he paid $1,900 for his two tickets. and keep in mind he still needs to pay for airfare, a hotel room and meals during his super adventure. >> this long time 49er fan hopes to join the lottery winners in new orleans. terry white has attended each of the niners five previous super bowls but he wasn't chose anyone this year's season ticketholder lottery. white points out it was easier for fans to get tickets a generation ago. >> we were able to get tickets the first two. then the next two we had to go
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with the travel agency because we didn't get picked. >> that first super^bowl ticket cost $40. but paying at least $5,000 to a ticket broker this time is beyond his budget. >> some fan pictures for you. this from diehard fans from back in the day the true 49ers faithful. and meet the three little kittens, only nine months old and ready to catch their first super bowl. perhaps they prefer the puppy boller. i don't know. keep sending your pictures to ureport. we will post them at and i don't need to tell you how excited i am to be heading to new orleans to cover the 49ers quest for six. i'm going to sports director larry beil and sports anchor mike shumann, who you know is a former 49er himself. he will be wearing his super bowl ring all week long. maybe he will let me try it on.
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and wade friedman is also coming and we will bring you news coverage all week and tweeting be behind the scene updates. >> yeah, that looks like a good time. >> it's going to be amazing. >> yeah. >> i'm going to get you that new orleans forecast for you if you wait a little bit. but right now we are looking at -- as we head outside the roof camera, temperatures are mild in the lower 50s. it's a full moon tomorrow. if you are out this early you will notice how pretty the moon looks. we will talk about cooler temperatures, the chance of showers, and whether or not we are going to see some rain into the upcoming work week. i'll let you know next. >> thanks, lisa. also next a half-court hook shot by a fan worth thousands of dollars. you will have to see what's better, the shot itself or the celebration. larry
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>> welcome back. it's 6:18 on this saturday morning. some are waking up to fog. >> yes. it's getting dense in some spots. the temperatures are mild but this is the last mild morning we will have in a while. afternoon highs will be cool as well. heading outside to emeryville now, you can see it's fog this guy in spots. in fact the visibility continues
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to be reduced in the north and east bay. 7:18 is the official sunrise with the sun setting at 5:27. live doppler 7hd. we aren't picking up any moisture but we could because we have an incoming system from the north that could bring us a few sprinkles. yesterday we had the southerly flow that brought the warm air and we haven't released it all to the atmosphere yet. 51 in san jose. 51 for you, as well as san francisco and a couple degrees cooler since last hour. in oakland 48 but cooler in napa and santa rosa. watsonville, santa cruz at 52 and monterey. a quarter mile visibility in livermore. concord is looking over with a quarter mile and novato down to half-mile as well as santa rosa and freezing fog into the sierra nevada. light rain also in vegas.
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if you are headed out even along the coast, mild visibility half moon bay. really some changing weather conditions throughout the day today all around the bay area and to the south of us. so starting out there is fog. turning cooler today and a cool, dry pattern into next week. we aren't talking about any rain. the only possibility of rain we are looking at is from this weak system to the north and it's only going to give as you slight chance. yesterday's rain in southern california continues to move out of the picture. but we could have a slight chan of a shower from this incoming system. now, to the north and west of us is the cold air that is bottled up from the gulf of alaska. as this front pushes on through, it provides that instability, that cooler air and a slight chance of a shower throughout the entire weekend but it favors the north bay and especially into your sunday morning. so forecasted highs across the state really taking a hit from the mid-60s in our own neck of the woods to the 50s.
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60s in southern california, but a dry day today with vegas looking at the rain, as well as palm springs. 45 in the northern sierra. maybe some snow showers for tomorrow as the front moves through and the snow level is lower to about 2,000 feet. otherwise we are looking at partly cloudy skies today, that slight chance after shower. 57 by the delta, as well as palo alto and san jose with the 57 in santa cruz. you will notice some moisture here lingering in parts of the central coast. so not out of the question to see a stray shower. and the accuweather seven-day forecast you will notice we are still looking cool the next several days, including the chan after shower tomorrow. by monday mostly sunny. a little movement in the temperatures and then by tuesday we are going to warm up just a little bit. wednesday, thursday, friday back into the 60s. and with a couple days before the super bowl in new orleans we are going to be looking at mid-60s there. but today the 70s there. also a change of the air mass necessary the week ahead down
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across the big easy. >> i'm trying to pack and so far i have like this mound of things that i need to thin out but i want to be ready for anything. >> yeah. >> thank you, lisa. we want to go live to new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." good morning. >> good morning. if you were coming and packing to new york you would probably have to pack for 15-degree weather. you should be happy you are not coming here. >> i am now. thank you. >> well, this morning coming up on the show,ex rivals, president obama and hillary clinton are all smiles as they sit down in a tv interview. they may have locked horns in 2008 but now they have found common ground. and plus does clinton have plans to run for president again in 2016? a lot of people are asking that question. and the stocks soar. the stocks had their highest close since 2007 and the winning streak doesn't seem to be
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slowing down. what is behind the rally, will it last, and most importantly, what does it mean for your bottom line in your 401k? and plus palin leaves fox. she has swiftly parted ways from the top rated conservative channel where she's been a major contributor for the last three years. why the sudden departure? we have the latest details. and swift switch. tina turner is said to become a citizen of switzerland. why is she giving up her u.s. citizenship? we have the story coming up. it is a little bit of a controversial one. we will have that coming up in the show, katie. >> sounds like it. thank you. you still have a chance to get in on a pair of super bowl tickets that the san francisco 49er's owner is giving away. he tweeted, "just checking in with the 49er faithful on new orleans, louisiana. i have two super bowl tickets for someone.
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let me know why i should pick you." he will announce the winner tonight or tomorrow morning. good luck. in sports it's only eight days before kickoff. 49ers are spending their last full day in santa clara before heading to new orleans tomorrow. here's larry beil with a look at the player that has many niner fans worried going into the super bowl. >> good morning, everyone. if super bowl xlvii comes down to a david acres field goal, can he make it? does jim harbaugh still have confidence in his kicker? akers has missed 14 of his last 38 attempts. in the title game he hit the goalpost on a 38-yard field goal attempt. he calls his struggles a head-scratcher this year for the niners. ironically the coach who knows him best might be john harbaugh of the ravens. he was his position coach for eight years. that was in philadelphia. >> john is a great special teams guy, knows a lot about kicking. probably knows a lot about me. so, you know, for me i'm just going to go into this looking
6:24 am
positive and forgetting the fact of 2012 and look forward to good things 2013. >> colin kaepernick has become an instant star leading the 49ers to the super bowl after only nine starts. in contrast we have raven's joe flacco, who is not considered an elite quarterback yet. but he has spent the elites packing in this postseason. flacco hans 8 tds and no picks in the playoffs this year. but no matter what he does, it seems like it's not enough. >> i really don't care. you know, there's guys out there that have to make a living on somebody, and if that's going to be us, if that's going to be us, then i plan on being around for a while. and if you want to continue to do it, i'll be here. >> the warriors opened a four-game road trip last night in chicago. an ex-warrior helped to do it and little nate robinson playing for the bulls. david lee coming off his all-star game selection.
6:25 am
kirk heinrich played like an all-star. 6 of 111 from downtown. 25 points. warriors just 13 points the first quarter. not better in the second. former warrior nate. and robinson off balance. lee had 23 to lead golden state but they shot only 35%. bulls were up by as much as 26. richard hamilton lock for -- lobbing for jimmy butler. 103-87, the bulls win it. warriors will face monta ellis and the bucks today. a great scene in miami. a fan makes a hook shot at half-court at halftime worth $75,000. michael going sky-hook from midcourt. look at lebron! lebron is all over him! he's more excited than the guy who made the shot! the bear hug for michael. you just won $75,000, dude! that is fantastic. and that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil.
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coming up, the simulator, getting the attention of bay area college students. it offers a real life lesson on the dangers of texting and driving. and an unusual alliance of
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>> developing news. a nine-year-old san joaquin valley girl who died of the flu on thursday had no other health problems, according to the health officials in the county. her name has not been released. she first got sick last saturday. she was fine the day before at school. she did not receive a flu shot this season. a letter is being sent to parents in her district saying surfaces at the school are being disinfected. a huge crowd on both sides of the abortion debate are expected today in san francisco for the annual anti-abortion and pro choice marchs and rallies. anti-abortion groups plan to attend mass at 9:30 this morning at saint mary's cathedral in san francisco. they have a walk for life rally at 12:30. it begins at civic center plaza
6:30 am
and moves down market street. pro choice supporters will hold a counter-rally starting at noon at u.n. plaza. >> president obama praises his nominee to monitor wall street and his pick to protect consumers. he said mary jo white is the right choice to lead the securities and exchange commission because she's a former prosecutor who can help reform wall street. and richard drey should lead the consumer protection board because he will be a champion for consumers. >> as president my top priority is simple. to do everything in my power to fight for middle class families and give every american the tools they need to reach the middle class. >> on the south dakota side the senator is calling for the senate to address out of control spend to go avoid another credit rating downgrade. police say anything people are among the most likely to text while driving. a habit law enforcement is
6:31 am
trying to break. officers went to a south bay college campus yesterday with a novel approach. abc7 news business and technology reporter david loui shows us what that is. >> sometimes it takes technology to demonstrate how dangerous technology can be. ryan harper got into the simulator to learn a lesson about texting while driving. something he readily admits he does. >> it's basically been by the grace of god i haven't been in an accident texting and driving. >> at&t is spending millions to drive home the message saying that it can wait if you get a text message on the road. >> will it change your thinking and behavior? >> for sure. i don't have a car in san jose but when i grow home i will not be texting and driving. >> are you just saying that or are you a changed man? >> i promise i'm a changed man. >> and they are letting them know they plan 42 enforcement events this year to nab texting drivers, weather texting or talking on a phone. most of the 3500 crashes last
6:32 am
year involved distracted drivers. >> i think it's difficult for people to break the habit because we get more and more comfortable with the technology we have and we have some sense of confidence we can text a quick response to something or make a quick phone call to get information. >> as part of a safety campaign, at&t has an app that intercepts text messages when you were driving, sending a message back saying you will text back when it is safe to do so. sometimes it takes a live story. texting is a two-way process. textings someone who is driving can have fatal consequences, having a highway patrol officer write in the report that a text message was sent at 12:05 is the reason that she is dead is not something that will ever go away. >> texting a simple lol or yeah may only take a few seconds but
6:33 am
police point out looking down for five seconds at 55 miles an hour means you are driving the length after football field. david loui, abc7 news. no more warnings. starting tomorrow you will have to feed the meter in san francisco on sundays. the new policy went into effect at the beginning of the year. on sundays you must pay for metered parking between noon and six p.m. meter readers have handed out 1100 warnings since then. but not anymore. if your meter is expired you will get a ticket. the tickets are $72 downtown, $62 everwhere else. officials insist it's not about money but to help parking turnover. >> officials are bringing back a one-year-old program to help businesses in chinatown during the lunar new year holiday. starting today san francisco will prohibit curbside park along five blocks of stockton street. it's so businesses in that corridor can set up outdoor
6:34 am
displays during the lucrative week leading up to the new year lunar celebration. the goal is to ensure the safety of large crowds of shoppers that are expected. merchants will have to get a special permit to set up curbside displays. parking is off-limits between nine in the morning and seven at night. about four weeks into january and 'tis the season for breaking new year's resolutions. a san francisco start-up wants to help you keep your resolution if it's about fitness by putting a real live personal trainer in your pocket. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom strapped on his sneakers and tried it out. >> sam goldstein has a thing for being upside down. he's a former wrestler and pole vaulter who only turns right side up when he has to walk into the next room and get some work done. if you ever wondered what happens when you put jocks and nerds together in the same office it turns out you get something like this. >> forward kick, 20 reps. ready go! stand tall, raise your arms up.
6:35 am
>> you are looking at "gain fitness," an i-phone rap designed to replicate down to the finest detail the experience of working out with a personal trainer. >> i have somebody here with me, make my form better and make my form better. >> a former football player likes to defy gravity. he set out to build the app for himself so he can stay in place -- in shape while traveling on business. now it has 8 trainers you can buy and download. they have apps ranging from one dollar to seven dollars each. >> side to side, switching sides as quick as you can. >> to yoga. >> lower your entire body down to however. >> the prerecorded voice gives you encouragement during your workout and to tell you when the 45 seconds of rest is over. meaning if you actually listen, the pain will be over more quickly. >> a real trainer talks to you in a pretty normal, flowing kind of a way. getting an app to do that is very tricky.
6:36 am
>> that's where the nerds come in, turning real human trainers into houses of lines of code that come up with smart work outs based on your goal and walk you through them as if the trainer was actually there. >> we record the trainer say keep your back straight like two or three times so it comes off different and doesn't feel robotic or unnatural. >> if you don't think an i-phone can make you sweat, just ask sam. >> after 13 minutes of testing the workout i was drenched and spent. it was awesome. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. next, a new mandate from washington that gives students with disabilities the same chance to play sports as everyone else. >> heading outside, this is a live look in san jose. 51 degrees now and cloudy, as you can see. it's going to warm up a little into the high 50s. lisa argen will have your full forecast in
6:37 am
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so fun. >> welcome back, good morning. 6:48:00 a.m. on saturday. take a look at this. the bay bridge, of course, on this foggy, cloudy morning. but the twinkling lights, that's the bay lights project. 25,000led bulbs on the bridge. part of a larger art project, a light installation that's being worked on now. full thing is going to be ready in march, which is the 75th anniversary of the bay bridge. enjoy this view. we are getting a little sneak-peek. remember cars on the bridge
6:40 am
cannot see the lights so it's not a distraction to drivers. we just enjoy it from our vantage point. and the ferry building lit up in red there for the 49ers. the education department has announced every public school in america will now have to include students with disabilities in their afterschool sports programs. abc7 news education reporter lyanne melendez explains how this changes the playing field. >> the fancy footwork gained her a spot on the school soccer team. she also plays for a club. so we were surprised when she showed us her prosthetic leg. >> this is actually the liner and inside here it's just hollow. >> her school, willard middle school in berkeley, encourages all students, including those with disabilities, to try out for any sports. >> they just treat me like a regular kid. there's nothing really different about me except for my leg and i can just deal with that. >> and in some cases the school makes the proper accommodations.
6:41 am
>> a child who is hearing impaired, we may need visual cues with the buzzer or gun or if there's something else for a child that needs something , that needs to be put in place. >> willard is already doing what a lot of the u.s. department of education will require all schools to do. if a student with a disability cannot meet the standards of skill or ability of that team, the school must provide another option like creating another team. in november willard received an award from an organization promoting equality for people with disabilities. >> supporters say this will do for students with disabilities what title 9 did for women. >> this woman is with support for families with disabilities. a san francisco-based organization. as seen in these pictures, they also have year-round activities
6:42 am
for kids. >> just because you have a disability doesn't mean that you can't compete. it doesn't mean that you can't be part of a team. >> peter coaches the san francisco's little league baseball challenger division for kids with disabilities. >> a lot of kids with disabilities have low muscle tone, so finding physical expression is particularly important for them. >> but school districts that have seen tremendous cuts inside and outside the classroom worry about what it will take to comply. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> it is 6:43 now. lisa argen is keeping track of our forecast, which is not as good as yesterday. >> no. it's really changing. in fact, if it is going to get cooler, it might as well rain, right, and bring some snow to the sierra. but we are looking at changes in terms of fog. here's i-80, dense fog in the livermore valley and also the north bay and along the coast. an incoming weather system bringing cooler air but how much rain, we will talk about that. >>. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, michael finney helps track a package that
6:43 am
criss-crossed the country for a criss-crossed the country for a month before the pos) 3 days ofg
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>> welcome back, 6:47. he's a foggy view but when you get this view you see the bay
6:46 am
lights. but other than that, a cloudy backdrop. >> we are looking at the increasing clouds from an incoming weather system and also the lower clouds from fog. it is really kind of pretty, though. you see the lower clouds and the higher clouds out there. the winds have been picking up the northwesterly winds offshore and that is what is bogey to usher in the cooler air, the slight chance of a shower, and a big change in air mass from what you were used to the past couple of days. live doppler 7hd not picking up any rain right now. that could change, though, in the next couple of hours, throughout the day today, into tonight and into tomorrow. we are still look at a slight chance after shower and we will be tracking that for you because right now we are still under the influence of a pretty moist flow with temperatures retaining the heat from yesterday. it's 51 in san jose, mountain view and san francisco with 58 in oakland. cooler in the north bay with low to mid-40s.
6:47 am
52 monterey. visibility reduced from napa to livermore at a quarter mile. just a mile along the coast right now, half moon bay. so we've had the weather from the south that brought us the subtropical feel. boy, was it mild yesterday. mid-and upper 60s. so with the fog this morning we are still mild. it's a full moon tomorrow. you will notice that it is certainly pretty out there. but we will be turning cooler, compliments of a frontal system. northwesterly winds keeping it brisk throughout the weekend. in fact, below normal. even cooler tomorrow but we are looking at a dry pattern throughout the next seven days. definitely kind of chilly as we start out the work week on monday. we will begin to warm up the latter part of the week but unfortunately we are going to stay dry. here's a look at the satellite and radar composite. we had some heavy rain yesterday in southern california. there's fog and freezing fog in
6:48 am
the sierra nevada. this weak cold front is pushing to the south and east and that will bring our weather for the weekend, which will be cooler, breezy and, of course, that risk of a shower. that's about all we have going on this weekend. in fact, temperatures coming down into the mid-50s for highs. so, yeah, for a while it's going to be chilly and then overnight we are going to see lows once again near freezing. upper 40s in yosemite. tomorrow by the time the front pushes through there will belower snow levels. in fact snow levels dropping to 2,000 feet and some of the foothills could see a dusting but not a lot of moisture associated the system. 59 in sacramento, as well as dig surf report. highs today ranging from about 59 half moon bay, breezy winds. so certainly cooler than what we've been used to. that slight chance after shower not only for the north bay, pretty much bay area-wide throughout the day today. mid-50s in monterey with 59 in
6:49 am
salinas. 57 in santa cruz. a little breezy, and by tomorrow we are still talking about partly cloudy skies, a slight chance after shower. monday very little change, but mostly sunny. tuesday more sunshine, it will begin to warm up. but it's wednesday, thursday and friday you will notice return to the lower 60s. certainly the snowpack taking a hit. they are always making snow there but mother nature not helping out in this department. >> doesn't look like it. thank you, lisa. sometimes you put something in the mail knowing there's a slight chance it could get lost. a bay area man said his package wasn't exactly lost, it got stuck in a world known as a postal loop. michael finney said that can be pretty frustrating. >> roger of san francisco likes taking pictures the old way, with his boxy, eastman cameras from the 1930s. the kind you peer into with a hood over your head. >> you have a lot of resolution and you can make very nice prints. >> however, roger didn't have
6:50 am
the right lens to take pictures from a distance. so when a collector back east offered one for 65 bucks, roger snapped it up. >> that began a long process. [ laughter ] >> so why is roger laughing? it's all about what happened after the seller mailed the lens in massachusetts. >> basically it got stuck in the postal system and started going back and forth across the country. >> the trouble began when a postal clerk put the wrong coding on the mailing label. it said the package was going to boston. the handwritten address said it was going to san francisco, so you can imagine the state of confusion that resulted. >> so it got stuck in the loop. everything is automation these days. >> that's james wigdahl of the u.s. postal service. he said the package was trapped in an endless mailing loop. every time it came to san francisco, the post office scanned the bar code and sent it back to boston.
6:51 am
roger was track particular online as it criss-crossed the country. it went from boston to new hampshire, out to san francisco and then back to boston again. it just kept going in the same circle for nearly a month. >> i started to wonder how long is this going to go on? is it going to ever stop? >> roger contacted the postal service. he says no one knew how to stop sending the box back to boston. >> he said just wait, if it doesn't come back and get delivered after five days give us a call back. >> it didn't get delivered and the post office told him to wait some more. instead he contacted seven on your side. >> one of the concerns was that this box was just going to be this tattered mess with the beat-up broken lens inside of it. >> we contacted the postal service and the folks there came up with a plan to rescue the box from that vicious cycle. >> they intercepted it and said we have the package, we are putting it on this flight. as soon as it gets to san francisco, grab it.
6:52 am
>> which they did. roger picked it up, opened the box and found the long-awaited traveling lens safely tucked inside. >> a happy ending. we found the package and it got delivered. >> it was really exciting. i was very happy. >> there is no guarantee a mistake won't happen when you mail a package, but the postal service said problems like this are extremely rare. the best route? send your box by priority mail or other service that comes with a tracking code. then that way, like roger, you can at least see where your package is going. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, automobiles take flight. take flight. the new car that is me w eltryes
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6:54 am
i ve s,rsclto, y reoun'p yean take flight. the new car that is me w eltryes
6:55 am
a valuable lesson learned by a reporter in florida. never turn your back on a goat. >> the goats will be here through saturday and they are very friendly. from the county fair, linda carson, abc7 -- would you not eat my pants? [screaming] [laughter] >> like a tag team. like the one goat didn't want her criticizing the other goat. she said it didn't hurt. she landed on sawdust and straw. she is just fine. probably just a little embarrassed. it may seem like science fiction, but flying cars will soon become a reality. a davis company has developed what it calls the sky car. now there's enough financial backing to get production rolling.
6:56 am
the sky car 200 is designed for low flight and it can also be driven on a street. it's classified as light sports aviation, so you don't need a pilot's license to drive it. >> that makes me nervous. how about the weather, lisa? >> the weather turning cooler for sure all weekend long. today high temperatures just in the mid-and upper 50s. under mostly to partly cloudy skies a slight chance of a shower. we an incoming system from the north that will provide cooler air, breezy northwesterly winds and we are look at our only chance of rain through tomorrow. >> thanks so much and thanks everyone for joining us on the abc7 saturday
6:57 am
6:58 am
good morning, america. this morning, from exrivals to a political power couple. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton, showing how far they've come, four years
6:59 am
after their epic campaign throwdown. bull run. wall street soaring to new heights. what's behind the stock surge? what does it mean for the overall economy? and more importantly, your wallet? i-bad. some big complaints about the new steve jobs movie from the man who was there. why the co-founder of apple is calling it embarrassing. and beyonce, bouncing back. the first pictures of the singing superstar since her lip-sync flap on inauguration day. what is queen b. up to now? good morning, everybody. also coming up this morning, you know the story about the 23-year-old using an obscure florida state law to take over a $2.5 million mansion near miami? we've learned this morning that this is actually happening all over america. and is often connected to an


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